Matthew Springer, Land O’ Frost
Matthew Springer
EHSS Manager
Land O’ Frost

I have over 30 years of experience in the government, consulting, and manufacturing arenas. While working for the government for 15 years (Georgia) in public health, environmental emergency response, risk management, pollution prevention, and homeland security projects, this has provided me a unique set of skills to incorporate all viewpoints of stakeholders. Additionally, this has fostered an environment and attitude for projects that require a time sensitive resolution with many stakeholders to resolve as a team. While in the consulting sector for 5 years, I was involved in governmental projects ranging from environmental and public health emergency response as well as homeland security and bioterrorism preparedness efforts. I lived in Italy for a 2 year project with the UN, the US Navy, and the Italian federal government which addressed air and water quality health concerns for the naval personnel in the Naples region. In manufacturing, I worked in the automotive parts manufacturing for 7 years and have been in the food processing sector for the past 6 years. The automotive sector, due to many safety critical parts and compliance/conformance needs also allowed me to continue with rapid response project management. In food processing, I am always striving to incorporate these project ideals into this sector as well. I have a B.S. in Environmental Health and a Master’s in Public Health from Georgia Southern and I am a graduate of the National Fire Academy in Maryland.