Safefood 360° have launched the world's first self-service analytics tool for food safety data

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The new reporting tool allows Safefood 360° users to bring all of their data into one environment for them to have complete ownership of and visualize their data in a variety of clear and informative custom dashboards and reports.

Safefood 360°, a leading provider of Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management Solutions to global food industries, are pleased to announce the release of a new way for food businesses to effectively access and analyze their compliance data.

The introduction of the new Self-Service Reporting Tool gives any user in a food organization the authority to build and maintain their own bespoke reports without needing any involvement or assistance from internal IT departments.

For the first time, food businesses can now easily access and report on all data captured within their food safety management system, directly from the Safefood 360° platform due to the seamless integration of their compliance management system and a world class Business Intelligence self-service tool.

Supported by a dedicated team of in-house Professional Services who provide complimentary consultancy and full product training on how to use the new tool, the Self-Service Reporting Tool provides global Enterprises with the means to remove barriers in how they create reports at global Business Unit and individual Business Site level by providing them with the freedom to interpret all data within their food safety management system.

The benefits of the new tool include:
  • Full BI reporting capabilities at users’ disposal allowing for enterprise-level data analysis.
  • The ability to store, edit and share completed reports.
  •  Configure your reports to certain user roles to ensure that relevant data is only shared when necessary.
  • Automate and send these custom reports on a scheduled basis to other colleagues.
  • Full access to all data fields and data submitted into Safefood 360°, meaning you can conduct analysis on everything you record, no matter how small or tangential the link between the fields may seem.
Please click here to watch a detailed video that provides a comprehensive introduction to the self-service tool.

Safefood 360° provide market leading Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management Software to global food industries with a commitment to provide these businesses with innovative software and expert advice that supports them in the management of all compliance systems for food safety, quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management in real time. Safefood 360° does it all in one solution, out of the box, with no costly and long IT projects required to fully digitize the entire food business operation from business group, unit, or local facility, right down to individual monitoring records.

To learn more about the Safefood 360° software platform and request a live demo, click here.