Food Safety Microbiology Management in the Upstream Value Chain

Monday, March 26, 2018 08:55 - 09:30

  • When it comes to microbiology food safety management in the primary production, this is about creating awareness and educational document with producers
  • Food safety incident can happen anywhere in the supply chain under multiple forms. Understanding the risks and having a plan in place is critical for every food business in order to protect its consumers
  • This program should be built both based on scientific and field knowledge to create impactful materials to foster good agricultural, hygiene and manufacturing practices.
  • This program encompasses various joined prevention program such as supplier audit, raw material specification, transparency, and traceability and supplier development activities
  • When looking at the outbreak root cause, it appears very distinctively that a proper management of the food safety risk in the upstream of the value chain is critical. This implies for food manufacturers to create programs beyond their own facility and to engage strongly with their suppliers and agricultural raw material producers

Fabien Robert, Ph.D., Director NQAC zone America, Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre (NQAC) Dublin