It’s your Business: Making Regulations and Regulators Work for You

Monday, March 26, 2018 10:10 - 10:45

Whether regulated by the FDA or the USDA food safety professionals bear the responsibility of protecting both the consuming public and their company’s name and brand. Food safety regulations can be viewed as either a burden that must be borne or as an opportunity to enhance a company’s products and reputation. Those who see regulations as an opportunity can best leverage that view by building solid relationships with the regulators. In this session see how one small company that once received over 300 non-compliance reports a year:

• Changed an adversarial relationship with the USDA to one of mutual trust

• Become one of the early adopters of new regulations to win USDA approval to become self-inspected (replacing USDA inspection staff with company team members).

• Became the first poultry company in over two decades to be granted a regulatory line speed waiver; allowing a 25% increase in production on its self-inspected process lines.

• Uses the knowledge of regulations to support company food safety goals (which should always be higher) while guarding against regulatory overreach.

Glenn Mott, VP Compliance, Gerber Poultry, Inc.