The 3 Key Tenets to Prevent & Control Air Contamination and Ensure Product Safety

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 10:30 - 11:00

Originally, the methods used to treat ambient air were solely focused on controlling temperature and humidity. But for more than 20 years, Clauger has considered several other criteria as critical in the design and management of effective, hygienic air control.

In this session, Clauger will dive into the 3 guiding principles for controlling air contamination and ensuring the safety & quality for your products. These include:

  • Correct filtration levels for different levels of cleanliness.
  • Air Flows leaving your facility.
  • Overall air flow cascade in your facility.

Kacey Hebert, Product Manager, North America , Clauger

Edith Patissier, Process Air Treatment Engineer, Process & Food Safety , Clauger